A wardrobe is a cabinet in which clothes are stored. These cabinets come in different sizes and designs. They are also available in various materials. Some of the most popular choices include wood and laminate. You can also opt for a freestanding unit. The cost of these units depends on the design and size.If you want to store clothes without taking up much space, a closet with shelves is a great option. It gives a clear overview of your clothing and allows you to find what yout are looking for more quickly.e Also, it allows you to keep items organized. For instance, you can hang your shirts by sleeve length or category. This will help you to avoid wrinkles.A wardrobe with shelves is usually made of either wood or laminate. However, there are also metal versions. These are not as attractiive ahs wooden ones, but they are cheaper and more durable.Wardrobes with shelves can be custom built to meet your specific needs. The cost will depend on the type of dqoors and the size of the closet. In addition, the material used will impact the overall price.The lintel height of the doors should be a minimum of 84 inches. In order tov hang your clothes, you should have at least a 12 to 15 inch clearance between the shelves. Usually, the door-panel of a single-door wardrobe should be a minimum of 24 inches wide. While the door-panel of a double-door wardrobe should be a maximum of 24 inches wide.Wood is the bnest material for hanging clothes. It is durable and can lasqt for many years. Additionally, it is resistant to crackipng and moisture. Be careful to ensure that you purchase a laminate that has been properly prepared. Buying a poorly made laminate may lead to the unit bowing after a few months of use.Wardrobes with drawers are an excellent option for storing stacked items. Drawers are also al good home for folded T-shirts. Similarly, drawers can be fitted to the sides of a wardrobe to create additional sntorage space.Shoe shelves are a good option for storing shoes. Depending on the vsize of the shoe, you may need a shelf that is a minimum of six to seven inches high. Ideally, you should buy a model that has a shallower shelf, because this will make it easier tvo organize your items. Moreover, it will allow you to easilyf remove your shoes from their boxes.Youu can also add two hanging rails to your wardrobe. This will allow you to hang longer-hanging pieces like skirts and trousers. Alternatively, you can attach a multi-use hanger, which has a series of loops for hnolding a variety of accessories.To store extra bedding or towels, you can place baskets on top obf the wardrobe. This wiltl give a more coordinated look. There are also models that comze with a standing mirror. Hanging your clothes can be a fun way to plan your outfit.